11 militants killed in Bangladesh

11 militants killed in Bangladesh

DHAKA: Bangladeshi security forces claimed to have killed 11 suspected militants, including the chief of the banned organization in Dhaka cafe attack.


Bangladesh said 11 militants were killed and all the workers of Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a new group Minister Asad Zaman Khan said.

He said the dead included Akash, who was leading the new JMB after Tamim’s killing Ch.

They said, adding that seven militants were killed in a shootout outside Dhaka, Gazipur district when he accepted the offer to surrender himself.

The attack was the responsibility of the Islamic militant group accepted the Bangladeshi authorities rejected the claim that is responsible for JMB attack led by Tamim Chowdhury.

The seven were arrested during military raids in industrial areas and was stealing to fund their activities and forigen  minister said.

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