Billions Yahoo accounts data theft!

Billions Yahoo accounts data theft!

According to insiders, hackers would have Yahoo accounts hacked more than a billion.

He said the numbers are reported which is more than double that number because the company said it is definitely a little secret. This figure, according to Yahoo said in a statement that at least 50 million users were affected by the hacking, but its former employees is between one billion to three billion.

According to company officials Yahoo were using their customer database to the same unit or U is B and user data when a billion active users to 70 million, if the hack was in 2017, the company’s service and others not a lack of disabled people who have not deleted their accounts.

The company said that in 2013 the number of monthly active users exceeds 80 million, while now it has exceeded one billion.

It is still not clear whether the hackers gained access to the database nor the company that I learned about it. The company also said it is not aware of any emails sent to this effect to the victims or not.

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