China start working on the large space plane

China start working on the large space plane.

CHINA: This year China has introduced the largest radio telescope in the world to make the Space Race, presented for the preparation of a space lab and space station announced plans to send missions to Mars.

China has been planned to develop a new space plane most of the world will be able to travel beyond Earth orbit with 20 passengers daily. China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is the design of the aircraft and the idea of a conference in Mexico. China’s space plane will be capable of vertical take off like a rocket and will be able automatic landing.

It has developed two designs, a design is ten tons ship weight and size of the wings 19.6 feet. It will be able to take the altitude of 62 miles, five armed men and passenger two minutes Bay will be able to enjoy the precious experience. The design of the aircraft in flight 100 ton height of 80 miles in twenty people will be able to enjoy the experience without weighing four minutes.

China is expected to begin test flights will be two to two and a half million dollars per passenger to travel at will in the next two years.

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