China’s wealthy but mysterious new village

China’s wealthy but mysterious new village.

Imagine a place where I’m living in each home, a free car and free medical facilities and it is only available to residents of the richest village in China but it is also one of the most mysterious places in the world.

Yes really is part of China’s richest village in the province of huaxyy which was founded by a former Communist Party secretary Wu Ren Bao.

Here’s registered residents are not allowed to speak to foreign media.

The village World Park, also called because the statue of the United States as there are multiple copies of the most popular sights of the Great Wall of China and the world.

The number of residents are said to be more than three million, but nobody is aware of it, they do not leave the seven days of the week and the year, most of whom are working in industrial plants yahn.

Interestingly, the number of facilities that are listed above are available to families here in the 1950s around the two newcomers get nothing.

Similarly, if you leave the old stale home here they lose everything and are not allowed to take anything with them.

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