How much a person can get old?

How much a person can get old?

For man is not always possible to live, and it may be much older than 115 years.

It emerged in a study in the United States.

According to the research of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York is not always possible to achieve the goal of living and can survive for up to a certain age.

However that may be more than 115 years old in this planet the research.

To that end, researchers have concluded reviewing the data of the last century that human life can reach more than 115 years.

He said very few people are able to live further and is usually impossible to reach that age for every person.

Although over the last few centuries have increased, but the average range is up to 115 years.

Researchers have so far reviewed over the water humans database in the world and it is clear that the decade from 1970 to 1990 was more than 110 115 years old.

According to the research potential to be 125 years a person is less than one per ten thousand learn to adapt because our body is triggered after a certain time, it is not possible for him to live a long life.

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