‘ India will not affect the construction of a Brahmaputra dam, China’

‘ India will not affect the construction of a Brahmaputra dam, China’

Beijing: China while India off fears it is assured that India will not affect the supply of water from the dam to come to the river Brahmaputra.

Indian NDTV reported that the Chinese Foreign Ministry Press Trust of India said in a written reply that the dam needed to protect livelihoods, food security and flood in Tibet. No adverse effects on the lower parts of the capacity of the dam is built yar lung Zhen Bo said Foreign Ministry building that Brahma is not even 0.02% of the annual water dam son will not go up.

China announced to stop the water from the front at a time when India was also considering accelerating the construction of hydropower projects on the river to increase pressure on Pakistan. China’s move was seen as a warning to India that they do not exceed the limits in tension with Pakistan.


Zhen Bo yar lung called Brahma River areas and the starting point is located Angus glaciers in western Tibet. Xi gauzy that the value of the project, starting at about $ 74 million of this Project. The project was to build two power stations which meet the deadline of 2019.


The gauzy Shi is located a few hours’ drive from Bhutan and Sikkim, and that he wants to lengthen his railroad to China town where Nepal. China earlier this stance do not affect the dams of water to the rivers that India has emerged that they are made according to the principles of ‘run-of-river’.

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