Jackie Chan Bought a new plane.

Jackie Chan Bought a new plane.

At least the superstar actor Jackie Chan from China if the new toy is made part of his repertoire.

Yes, the last Chinese and Hollywood superstar bought a in $ 20 million From a Brazilian company Imbriar (nearly 2 billion 10 million Pakistani rupees).

It has conducted a ship which has been introduced this year, the Brazilian company name of legacy 500 business jet.

The company says that the legacy 500 is equipped with the latest technology and design has been developed keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers.



He added that a great experience and comfort I traveled 650 legacy over the last few years and had the opportunity to work all over the world.

He is expected to be greater than the first performance of the new aircraft and it would be nice mobile home and work for me.

The aircraft can fly at height of 45 thousand feet and the speed is less than the speed of sound.


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