Lahore Tour By Tanga

Lahore Tour By Tanga

Lahore: The capital of Punjab province, Lahore is of considerable importance in terms of cultural and historical sites, but changing times and a past practice where the engagements of people are losing, a Pakistani is struggling to maintain Lahore centuries-old right culture today.


Adil Lahori culture club founder Adil Javed alias Adil Lahori named Young each week sake take internally Lahore tour Tang civilians on Sunday, and convince them of the identity, but which get familiar with the traditions of Lahore I connected the date they are all the same color, which is considered the property of the city.

Lahori was just listening Tanga service launched in 2008, aims to raise tourists from not only the common people, but also out of the city’s culture.

One interesting thing is that the journey just to fit in Lahore color ways for tourists from other cities and the culture here is also fully aware.

News program “News Talking wise, self-righteous Lahore said that they are conducted around the city gathered in one place in which tourists organize an event every Sunday.

He said that 8 years ago when he began traveling to convince people the opportunity to tour the interior of Lahore, but was a symbol of this city are also well established.

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He provides visitors with the cultural clothing from outside said, so they do not get stranger when traveling within the city itself and the way they present their own people like that just seems m.

Adel said that in the event of travel lively, cheerful and good food like all of the people of Lahore visit is made.

However, he said that most of the companies that are cooperating with us, do not take any money.


He also said that recently various companies CEOs came to them that we had a walk and they have had, was organized forms which eliminates arena inhabited them companies with their money What.

He could not enjoy the view from Lahore citizens still historical sites their eyes so they freely submit through the city.

When it was asked how many tourists participated in the Tanga service? He said that has not yet started the winter, but the participation of 300 to 400 tourists When the season.

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