Pakistan will sell 100 aircrafts to Turkey

Pakistan will sell 100 aircrafts to Turkey.

Pakistan has been a great success. Mourning fell in India. According to Super Member order to buy the aircraft by the Turkish leadership following the recent military coup in Turkey in large numbers. Pakistan is preparing an agreement in Turkey to provide 100 aircraft is in the final stages and signed. Defense ministry spokesman said in a statement that the agreement will further strengthen relations between the brotherly countries and Pakistan will have huge foreign exchange. With this victory the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra with a source of pride is the prime example of cooperation between the two countries. Earlier preparation tanker fleet. The opening of the Karachi Shipyard Tanker Fleet Naval Yard was in August. It is built in partnership with the Turkish tanker.

The leaders of both countries attended the opening ceremony. Augusta submarines have already signed up for mid-term agreement between Turkey and the Ministry of Defense Production Company for gradation. This agreement navy will play an important role in increasing the capacity and a large number of submarines to Pakistan at the earliest occasion to ensure that any aircraft in the Member strengthen between the countries’ defense production sector Is. We imports from 20 percent to 80 percent of its needs are locally manufactured. Member supply aircraft with Turkey was signed. The JF-17 Thunder has continued discussions from 8 countries exporting aircraft.

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