Racist Post over US first lady, Mayor Resign

US first woman leader of West Virginia’s companions shocking dubious race against Obama were surrendered Beverly walling.

The possibility that Lady Pamela Clay County rimzy Taylor was posted on Facebook against racial segregation, Michelle Obama.The post of leader of Beverly Virginia, He additionally had expressions of acclaim.

Later, Mayor Beverly walling surrendered because of dubious comments posted on the meaning of open feedback of him standing clash.English supporter BBC reported was connected to a NGO in Clay County palmary Taylor said the primary woman professedly “application” signifies “monkey” in his post.He wrote in his Facebook post that an abnormal state White House, sufficient to be excellent and honorable woman, I’m burnt out on observing a “Monkey” heel. ”

The Facebook post leave the leader of Beverly ualng said consequently that “today you made me upbeat.”They were spread by Michelle Obama’s disputable reaction to the media about the 170,000 individuals who requested his abdication through an online appeal.

Nonetheless, after he was cited in an announcement said that they had Comment results of late races in the United States.

He said that he had communicated his satisfaction over the adjustment in the White House, I am truly sad if any burden this brought about.

The leader included that the individuals who know that they realize that they are not bigot as any.

It likewise noticed that Michelle Obama is the principal African American lady to wind up first woman of the United States.

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